Quartz home samples

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have come a long way since their early days on the market. While they used to come in only solid colors, or uniformly flecked (depending on how coarsely the quartz was ground during the fabrication process), manufacturers are constantly developing and producing new looks. Although white and grey are probably the most popular, […]

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Kitchen for the Holidays

A kitchen for all holidays

The kitchen is far more than where you cook, it’s the heart of your home and people love kitchens, they love to be in them chatting, visiting… it’s just where they are most comfortable..  The trouble is that whenever there’s a holiday, a party or family gathering, maybe your kitchen just isn’t designed to handle

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Luxury Vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring, can you tell the difference?

Recent innovations largely drive daily floorings—wood-plastic composites (WPC), rigid core luxury vinyl, and high-definition printing.  Much of the flooring market is “photographed”. For instance, they take high-definition photos of actual stone, marble, granite, etc., and print them onto tiles and planks. The results are so realistic that it’s hard to tell the difference.  Advantages of Luxury Vinyl’s  They

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