Quartz home samples

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have come a long way since their early days on the market. While they used to come in only solid colors, or uniformly flecked (depending on how coarsely the quartz was ground during the fabrication process), manufacturers are constantly developing and producing new looks. Although white and grey are probably the most popular, endless colors are available. Pantone matching is even possible.

Beyond color, new patterns also mimic the look of natural substances with subtle veins and striations — which gives the material some movement and makes it feel more real once in the kitchen. This dramatically affects the look and feel of a countertop or island, which is important to customers as they design their dream spaces.

Color and pattern aside, there are also now more finishes to consider. In addition to the smooth and shiny quartz you’re probably familiar with, you can achieve a softer appearance — with honed or suede-like finishes — that have a brushed feel. There’s also “volcano” rock or concrete, which are more pitted and textured. All of these new options are warmer and more inviting than the standard finish, and are a great additional way to customize your kitchen.