Kitchen Table?

What happened to the kitchen table?

This is no secret, but the kitchen table is dead and the island is now king (or queen) in the kitchen.

Families of all sizes are turning their kitchens into living and entertaining spaces.While the hosts are prepping or cooking, they are now part of the party, left out no more.

So when you’re designing your kitchen, that old “kitchen triangle” that was the designer’s standby in the 50s and 60s, still holds some truth, but now in a far more entertaining landscape. Yes the fridge, sink and range must still be engaged for function, ease and safety, but an island for prep and spectator comfort is a must.

No more is there need for a separate living room or dining room. No more is there a need for dining table and kitchen table. As long as you have the “family and friends” table, the kitchen island is the new mainstay.

So after you’ve sat there a while, imagining how your kitchen and home renovation will look, how the work flow through the kitchen might be, now is the time to talk to the professional designers at the Kitchen Transformations and bring your dream to life.