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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Create your Dream Kitchen with our Cabinet Refacing Services

Get your Dream Kitchen Without Paying Dream Kitchen Prices

A dream kitchen is something that every homeowner wants. A kitchen is the main selling point of almost any home and it is the place where you spend most of your time with your family. However, price is one of the biggest hurdles that prevent people from investing in their dream home. Fully scale home renovations are expensive, but there is a cost effective alternative – one that will give you the dream kitchen look you have always wanted and at a price that fits within your budget – Cabinet refacing!

Why Choose Cabinet Refacing Over Replacement?

Cabinet refacing has become one of the most popular options for kitchen renovation projects. People are seeing the value in refacing rather than replacing for three main reasons:

  • Price: It is hard to argue with the fact that you will save between 30-70% off the price of a major kitchen remodeling project, while still adding value to your home and achieve the dream kitchen look you have always wanted, but thought you could not afford. Choose refacing and keep some money in your wallet.
  • Convenience: Cabinet refacing is less intrusive than a major kitchen renovation. You won’t have the mess associated with a renovation and the project only takes between 3 – 5 days to complete from start to finish. No need to worry about displacing your family or having to re-invent your daily routine.
  • Expensive look without the expensive price tag: Even though you will be saving money, you won’t have to sacrifice quality or on the look you want to achieve. Cabinet refacing will give you the dream kitchen look you want. Expect high quality materials, workmanship and results from us!

Transformation Packages and options

When it comes to cabinet refacing, there are three main ways that you can transform your kitchen and create the custom look you have always wanted. They are:

  1. ReDoor: Simply replace your current cabinet doors with new cabinet doors
  2. ReStyle: Add new cabinets, drawers, or even an island
  3. ReFace: Completely overhaul the look of your kitchen by refacing cabinets with new veneers, while adding new colours and textures.

Why Kitchen Transformations?

Homeowners in the GTA and Niagara region choose Kitchen Transformation for cabinet refacing because of our professionalism and reputation in the industry. For decades, we have restyled kitchens and help make homeowner dream kitchens become a reality. Homeowners choose us because:

  • You will save 30- 70% vs Major kitchen remodeling.
  • We have more than 30 years’ experience refacing kitchens
  • Wide selection of doors and colours
  • We proudly serve the GTA and Niagara area
  • We will transform your kitchen into your dream kitchen
  • Affordable kitchen remodeling without the construction mess
  • Free no obligation quote and in home consultation

Thinking About Cabinet Refacing? Call Us To Get Started!

Choosing cabinet refacing is a great decision if you want to improve the look of your kitchen, especially if you are on a limited budget. Get the project started today by calling us for a free no obligation quote for cabinet refacing. Contact us today!

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